Healing by Eating. Conscious shopping

So simple?!.. How can its happen?..
Is it true that food can heal?.. What is the scientific discovery which can prove it? The ancient sources mention that the vital energy pervades all things. Balanced energy circulates through the body, and cures all diseases. Energy around us is included in all elements and contains two components – the power of heaven and earth. The energy of the sky is Yang, the energy of the earth – Yin; they determine male and female quality.

When we separate ourselves from the earth and the sky, together with all the essential elements, we reject the healing and life-giving energy and become weak and sick. So many Organic foods, fruits and vegetables. How can we know, what is the needs for our health condition? How to prepare the tasty dishes without destroying the nutritional value? Is there a way out?

During the workshop:

  • Learn the quality and nutritional value of the products.
  • Learn how to make a Conscious shopping to support yours and your family health.
  • Find the type of imbalances that you have.
  • Discover the right combinations of the products for healthy digestion and assimilation.
  • Develop the supportive attitude for your eating and healthy habits. Recognize your organism deficiencies.
  • Develop your personal character and mental/spiritual mind state through the food choices.

Price: €50.
Includes food and necessary materials.
Place: Sattva Health Shop.
Booking: [email protected]
Mobile: 99912709 (Jane)
Phone: 2148 5888