The Name

Sentient, pure and subtle. Sattva is one of three energies which make up the whole of our universe….. and beyond. It is the purest and subtlest of all three energies and wherever it predominates, peace and bliss manifest. Together with Raja and Tamas, Sattva makes up anything, really, anything we can think of; and all are present in different proportions. Also referred to as the sentient, mutative and static forces, all three together make up the One Cosmic Energy; and the that One makes up the all rest.

Mission & Vision

We are what we eat and at Sattva we strive to offer what we believe in. We eat sentient food to create a sentient body; a body which hosts a relaxed and elevated mind. A sentient diet is traditionally a yogic diet, a diet based on the energy released by the food into the body. Hence our mission is to solicit and distribute pure foods, in the most part natural and organic; a sure boost to good health for the body and mind. And our vision is a happy and healthy society which nurtures the environment and the planet.


Prevention is better than cure and nature has all the solutions. At Sattva we all live an alternative lifestyle, following a sentient diet as well as practicing yoga and meditation. Our physical and mental health is a priority and our years of unorthodox living is what we deliver to our clients together with their shopping bag. Our advice comes from the heart; however, we are all-time students of life and research, discussion and innovations always create a sense of excitement in us.